Pane Project Files very sensitive to mouse movement, thinks I want to move files all the time

very often, when I double-click a file in the Project Files pane, PHPStorm tries to move the files. I probably slightly move the mouse during the double-click.
The thing is - no other program does this to me. This makes me think that PHPStorm might be too sensitive when detecting a move-the-file intention from the user.

Does someone else experience this problem?

I know I can turn on moving objects only with Ctrl, but I move tabs in the editor frequently and this slows me down.
The setting (move with Ctrl) applies both to moving files and to moving tabs which is inconvenient.

How else can I solve it?

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>> Does someone else experience this problem?

Same problem here (both on my windows machine, mac, wireless-mouse / fixed-mouse)..

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Enable "Drag-n-Drop with ALT pressed only" at File | Settings | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance - this should help.


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