Idea Usablity

I've noticed it's way too slower than previous version no matter how many gigs memory you have allocated to Idea, new features are good but I hate the guy sitting in the extreme right hand side down the corner. we have more then 4200 in total including jsps and .java files, Now for every single jsp I need to tell this guy to turn off the HTML or CSS syntax inspection or any other level of inspection that I do not need for some file types, I've not been able to find a global way to do this for all jsps files.

There are new insupection features in 6.0 but still I have to lower the syntax highlighting at individual Jsp level. I could not find global settings to do this.


You can dbl click that guy and change the settings.


The project I work on has at least 4200 files (classes and JSP) and I have the Default inspection level on and it works just fine.

IntelliJ 6.0.3 2.0Ghz dual-core with 2 gigs of RAM...I think the RAM is the key, back when I had one gig on this same machine I did have performance issues (Windows doesn't manage swap space that good IMHO...swaps when it doesn't need to) but once I went to 2 gigs of RAM everything is great.


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