QUESTION: Keyboard equivalent (Why is menu item's key equivalent DIFFERENT from Preference's keymap setting?)


Preferences shows the keyboard equivalent for "Reformat" and "Show Reformat Dialog" each have a command key (i.e, "⌘"). Here's what my keymap shows:

Note that a command key (i.e., "⌘") is specified for #1 and 2. Also note that "Keymaps" is set to "Mac  OS X 10.5+".

But the Reformat Code menu item has a control key (i.e, "⌃"). Here's what I see:



Here's what happens when I try to invoke the Reformat Code menu item:

  • When I try opt-cmd-L (defined in the keymap) nothing happens.
  • When I try opt-cntrl-L (shown in menu item) reformatting takes place.

Here's what happens when I try to display the Reformat File Dialog:

  • When I try shif-opt-cmd-L (defined in keymap) nothing happes.
  • When I try shif-opt-cntrl-L (defined in keymap) the Reformat Dialog is displayed.


  1. Why does the menu item show a control key while keymap preference specifies a command key?
  2. How do I get the menu item's key equivalent to appear as the equivalent defined in Preference's Keymap?

Using WebStorm 10 build WS-141.1550
Mac OS 10.10.4
Java 1.6.0_65

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Looks like a bug. Could you please click on the filter and press Control Option L. Can you see something now?

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Thanks for responding.

The command keys now work. I don't know what caused the problem, or what what changed to resolve the issue, but the problem no longer exists.


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