Run Sql files as a batch

Hi All

Version PHPstorm 9.0.

I keep all of my sql functions for Postgres in the IDE and then I run (ctrl+shift+f10) to update the database.  What I would like to do when switching to my staging database is to run all my sql files at once ( as apposed to having to run one at a time) to another database connection.  Is this possible?


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That is what I am doing now except I create my scripts to install the function instead of executing it.  What I would like is to have the ability to run several scripts at one time.  When I update my production server I may have a number of functions that need to be updated.  I am now creating a script file that is run on the server to update all the functions at once.  It would be nice to take the script file out of the piture and just run the list from PhpStorm.  Think of selecting multiple files in the version contol window and then doing an alt+shif+f10 to run them.  



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