CoffeeScript and JSX

I'm starting a trial of WebStorm (from the videos it looks very promising).  

I'm using CoffeeScript and React.  I really like the embedded (JSX) syntax on the render methods, but it seems that the WebStorm CoffeeScript mode is not a big fan (flags them, understandably, as errors).

Can anyone point me to a solution where I can use JSX syntax without WebStorm flagging a lot of errors?

I could just use WebStorm like I've been using react, and let watchers take care of the transpilation, but the big benefit I hope to gain from WebStorm is the editors analysis of source that provides code completion and flags errors.  Since all of the embedded JSX stuff gets flagged as an error, I'm losing some of that benefit.

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Please follow for updates.
Unfortunately the only way to avoid syntax errors is turning syntax checking off for your files - can be done using Hector icon in the lower right corner: open your file in editor,  click the Hector icon and then move the slider to change the  Highlighting level to None. See
Note that you will need to reopen the project to get the highlighting updated

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Thanks for the pointer to the enhancement request.  Looks like it's a bit old.  Should I take that to mean it's a low priority (or almost done :) )

It does leave me with a couple of dilemnas.  The error checking/highlighting was the top reason for evaluating WebStorm, and I suspect my evaluation period will expire before Isee this feature.

Good to know I'm not the first to ask for it though.


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