Debugging React application served up by JEE server in WebStorm

I'm intrigued by the ability of WebStorm to allow for debugging within the editor, but not quite seeing how I'll get it to work with my technology stack.

For a number of reasons, the backend REST services are implemented on a JEE server, so I need to serve up my JavaScript from the same origin which means it's served up by the JEE server as well.

Can anyone point me to how I might be able to use this stack, but get the in-editor debugging (live edit even, maybe) support?

I'm doing an evaluation of WebStorm for our team and this would go a long ways for making the case for WebStorm on this project.

BTW, the client side stack is CoffeeScript and React (including JSX) while the server side is JSX.


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You can debug javascript application served by J2EE server using WebStorm - you just need to make sure to specify correct URL and remote URL mappings in Javascript Debug run configuration. But Live Editing is only possible if the code is auto-deployed to server on each change... And WebStorm has no support for J2EE servers deployment (packing application for deployment, etc.), so I'm not sure if you can make it work somehow


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