Menu Popups or Drop downs on Menu Bar appearing in wrong postion

Using the Matrox dual monitor settings under Win2000 Pro. The Search, Code,
Build, Tools, Options, Perforce (plugin), and Help drop down menus appear
centered to the application and do not drop down from the menu postion of
cursor postion. This seqence of menu actions occur with a source file is
open. Alos, right click on the source tab to close the open source file pops
up centered rather than at the pointer position or tab position.

When there are no source files open the following occurs.
Search, Goto, Build, Tools, Options, Perforce (plugin), Help pop up centered
to the app rather than off of the menu bar or pointer postion.

In the ant build tab. Right clicking the target causes the popup to be
centered rather than at the pointer postion.

In the Structure tab with a source file open. Right clicking the
method/attribute etc. The popup appears in the center of the app. and not at
the pointer postion.

NOTE: I tested the 3.0.4 build on a single monitor setting using Win2000 Pro
and the menu popups appear where they are expected to appear.

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I;ve tried this on Mac OS X too, and what happens there is that if you have the main window on top, and the screen under the top screen is the one with the tool bar, the menu pops up in the bottom screen, which makes it that I have to move the mouse all the way down to choose my selection.

I think that in both cases it might actually be a JDK issue and not an IDEA issue.

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I performed more testing on this issue. I discovered that the Matrox drivers for Win2K were older. I updated to the latest drivers (5.86.032) and the problem went away.


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