Multiple IDEA instances on terminal server handgs from time to time


we're currently playing with setting up a Solaris 10 terminal classroom, where 12 diskless SunRay terminal stations are powered by the one SunRay server.

There is a strange behaviour with IDEA 5.1.2 as well as 6.0.4 and latest EAP - even IDEA (especially 5.1.2) works extremely fast, when there are more than 1 user working with it (2 users is enough), from time to time (approx every 15...30) minutes all IDEA instances freezes synchronously for 10...60 seconds. They they're back to work without any problem. If only one user is working on the terminal server, freeze does not happen.

All users are running IDEA from the same (/usr/local/idea) installation directory (is this ok ?) and every user has its own license file installed. We tried it with JDK 1.5 and 1.6 but there is no difference.

Wondering if anyone know such kind of problem and maybe suggest a solution ?
The performance is really nice even when we load server with 5-7 IDEA-working users, but such synchronous freezes break the things.


P.S. We also tried it under Linux/X11, thinking that probably Solaris 10 is the cause, but it seems to be the same.

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A small followup:

We tried to run idea instances from private per-user installation folders (/home/joe/bin/idea, /home/foo/bin/idea) but with no difference.

In case, for instance, idea instances are stuck, it is sufficient to kill -9 one idea instance and all other instances unfreezes immediately %)


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