Compiler internal error on 64-bit Linux

I'm using Intellij IDEA 6.0.4 #6148 on a 64-bit AMD box running RHEL (2.6.9 Linux kernel). I am using Java 1.5.0_09. When I compile, it appears to compile all of the files properly, and then the progress meter says that IDEA is "Loading classes", then it stops, with the "Messages - Make" window saying: "Error: Compiler internal error. Process terminated with exit code 1.".

I don't think amount of memory is an issues, I bumped idea.vmoptions to:

and the memory monitor in the lower right corner shows it never gets above 320 Mb. (I have 16 Gb free on the machine.)

Any thoughts on how to get more info out of the system to see why it is failing?

Also note that if I build the project outside of IDEA using Ant and the same compiler, it compiles cleanly.

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There is a separate compiler memory limit in Project Settings->Compiler
that you probably need to increase.

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I adjusted the Compiler "Maximum heap size" and now it compiles correctly.

Thanks a lot!



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