How do you add multiple files & folders from different sources to one project?

I installed the latest PhpStorm EAP to take a look at.

I'm trying to set up a project that contains four items:

1) A remote folder over SSH/SFTP
2) a File from DropBox
3) a local git checkout
4) a local file

I want to be able to save that project, and later reopen it so I have access to all those four things in it.

I was reading these 2 posts to try to put together how to do this

Creating and Managing Projects

Remote Edit in PhpStorm 9 EAP

But i can't figure out how to add all those things to my one re-openable project.

How can build this project with those folders and files on PhpStorm?

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You can add folders located outside of your project root to your project as additional content roots ('Add content root' in Settings/project/Directories), but you can't add individual files to it - they have to be copied to your project folder/content root to get them included. Neither you can add a folder available via FTP - you need to download it to your local disk and set up FTP deployment for your project (

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Oh, too bad :-(

Thanks anyway.


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