Has Webstorm ssh seesion ?


I use ssh seesion in PyCharm & RubyMine (I have Ruby/Python remotely installed inside a Vagrant vm).

I recently downloaded Webstorm for testing its features and installed it on Windows 8.1.

I could not find any place in Webstorm where I could launch ssh seesion nor any plugin when searching with "ssh" inside plugins section of Webstorm.

My usecase is that I'd like to leverage NodeJs and Ruby on remote machine to compile Less/Sass files.

I would not like to open a separate putty window for this but I'd like to have it integrated inside IDE (like in PyCharm/RubyMine)

Is not ssh session available in Webstorm 10 at all?

Thank you !

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Hi there,


AFAIK all features available in WebStorm should also be available in PyCharm/RubyMine (comparable build numbers, of course). Some plugins bundled by default in WebStorm may need to be installed manually in PyCharm/RubyMine though.

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thanks for pointing @ youtrack where I could see that other users vote up for this feature


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