Restricting Go to Implementation (Ctrl-Alt-B) to project files

Is there a way to restrict Ctrl-Alt-B to only show implementations in
project files?
Something similar to Ctrl-N (Include non-project classes). If not, I'm
it right now.

For example, if I want all implementations of in my project, I
Ctrl-Alt-B on and get a very long list (152 classes in my

I know that I can do Alt-F7, uncheck Usages, check Implementing methods, OK,
but that's four keystrokes instead of one. (And I have to change the
back the next time I use Alt-F7.)

So, Ctrl-Alt-B should only show implementations in project classes. The
'title bar'
of the popup should contain a checkbox 'Include non-project classes'. As a
convenience, pressing Ctrl-Alt-B again should toggle this checkbox.


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