Code coverage causes debug problems in IntelliJ 6

I have noticed that when code coverage is enabled for unit tests in IntelliJ6 I get quite a lot of JDWP 35 errors. I guess this is for similar reasons as when debugging AOP code, that the class has been extended and the variables are no longer visible.

One solution could be to turn off code coverage when debugging.

Is anybody else seeing this issue?


Yes, and not just with code coverage (which we don't enable in
production) but also with @NotNull annotation runtime checking, which we
do ... it's unfortunate because it means we can't debug our system with
the same configuration as is used in production.

There is an outstanding defect
but no clue as to whether it will be fixed or not in the 6.0 series.



Thanks, I will vote for this bug. Although there is a workaround (turn off code coverage before debugging), this is very inconvenient.


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