How to disable file synchronization for specific folder?

In my project I have a folder "target" where all the generated classes (EJB interfaces, DAO objects, etc) are located. When I run a maven goal to regenarate them, the target folder gets deleted and then the files are recreated. IntelliJ Idea immediately starts synchronizing the changes which results in a 10 minutes break since I cannot perform any other tasks while it does so (there are a few thousands of these files).

How can I disable file synchronization for a specific folder (target) or even of the whole project? I could not find such option neither in the settings nor in the online docs.

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hi Borys,

You might consider excluding that directory from the module. (Settings | Project Structure | ]]> | Sources tab | etc.)

Switching off the synchronization for the whole project can be done with the option 'Synchronize file on frame activation'; that can be switched off from Settings | General.

HTH, Ruben

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Excluding the folder from the module is not an option since I need to debug the code and for that I need compilable code.

Deactivating synchronization did the job. I only wish there was an option to deactivate it for specific folders only...

Thanks for help.


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