PhpStorm remote debugging: cannot find a local copy on server

Trying to figure out how to use remote debugging in PHPStorm, however in the debugger window I am getting the following error:

  • Cannot find a local copy on the server /var/www/html/example
  • Local path is /var/www/html/example
  • Click to set up path mappings

After clicking on this I'm unable to set any path in this menu. I only have the following:

  • File path on server: /var/www/html/example
  • File path in project: /var/www/html/example
  • Use path mappings (select if the server is remote or symlinks are used)

I click on use path mappings, however all this does is show the file path on server and the path in project is now 'undefined', I'm not able to set anything when clicking on 'Use path mappings'.

Any ideas on how to resolve this error?
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You should be able to enter absolutr paths on the server manually: .
What type of the debugging do you use? Local/remote? CLI script/web app?


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