automatic building/compiling like eclipse?

Hi I'm new to IDEA, been using Eclipse for several years. Is there a feature like automatic compiling of all the files in your project, as in Eclipse? Or am I forced to push the make button every time I want the whole thing to build?

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Just make CtrlShiftS to the Make button and IDEA should behave similar to

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Eclipse compiles only when you explicitly save, right?
So if you map the ctrl-s shortcut to "Make" (and of course set compilation to background mode) you should get roughly the same experience as in Eclipse.

Or am I missing something?

Of course the ideal solution would be to have Idea automatically compile all files wether saved or not. In Idea 6.0 JetBrains tried to come closer to that by running inspections on all open files and marking files with compile errors with red lines in editor tabs and project tree. IMHO that's kind of confusing seeing files in project tree go red only because you open them in the editor.


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