"ECMAscript 6" - all of a sudden arrow functions cause error "expression expected" (solved)

I had everything setup and had no warnings or errors in my code from any inspection. I use ES 2015 features like arrow functions, the code did not cause errors - I had "ECMAscript 6" enabled for the source directory.

Then the notebook crashed, stuff got lost - fortunately I had everythig in a git repository, I push *often*.

So I clone the directory - which includes the .idea directory minus workspace.xml - and EVEN THOUG THE SETTINGS LOOK THE SAME (incl. "ECMAscript 6" is set) now WebStorm (10.0.4) complains about arrow function syntax, red error "expression expected"!

What happened? How can I get rid of the error?

As I said, I had made NO CHANGES to the code and before I set up fresh WebStorm did not complain about that file (I had it open so I am certain the inspections ran previously too).

It also complains about "let" instead of "var" -- the "ECMAscript 6" setting is ignored!!


So I found that I have to also set the Javascript version in Settings -> Languages and Frameworks -> Javascript. This seems superfluous since I have the detailed library dialog where I say per-directory which libs/JS/node.js version I want.

I'll file a bug: It is clearly a bug that this setting is not stored in this case!

EDIT: bug report is at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-17262

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Thanks for the solution.  I have never had that problem before but it is still happening!

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I might found a solution, the below worked for me.

Webstorm > Preferences > Languages and Frameworks -> Javascript > ECMA Script6

IMPORTANT NOTE: do NOT go to Languages and Frameworks from File > Default Settings


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Indeed, modifying default settings only affects new projects, use Preferences | Languages and Frameworks | Javascript to change language level for your current project

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I'm having issues getting the default version to work in scratch files. Seems it doesn't apply there?

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I tried all solutions on internet to solve this problem and all doesn't  work for me. 

ONE THING WORKED FOR ME FOR THAT PROBLEMS : I update node.js in my computer and now all its fine ;)

Simply install this from https://nodejs.org/en/download/ to your ProgramFiles(x86)/nodejs . 

Cheers ;)


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