serious file sync problem on Vista


We have recently set up a new IDEA 6.0.4 installation on a Vista machine.
We use the IDEA CVS integration in parallel with an external CVS tool. We have the problem that IDEA doesn't recognize file changes carried out by the external CVS tool.

I found another posting here telling to remove the filewatcher*.dll files as well as clearing the system\cache folder from the user dir. Both didn't help. Also IDEA restart didn't help.

We renamed the file in Windows Explorer to another extension and opened it in IDEA with "Open file". Then it showed the correct content. Then we refactored that file in IDEA back to extension "java" and now IDEA had still the correct content.

The seriousity of this bug goes that far that if you make a change in the not up-to-date class in IDEA and commit this file from IDEA, it checks in the wrong version.

Jetbrains Please help!!!!


BTW, we had from time to time such problems with XP too, but at least after a IDEA restart the files were updated.

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We reinstalled IDEA on that machine and then the problem disappeared. Strange though.



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