Phpstorm9 grunt console

Before upgrading to phpstorm 9, my grunt console used to so the grunt targets on the left, and would display any output from running a target on the left.  After upgrading, I onlly see the list of targets in the grunt console, and have to tab over to the Run console to see any output.

Is this how the grunt console works now, or can I adjust a setting somewhere so that I can see the grunt tasks and output in the same window?

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Hi there,

Is this how the grunt console works now


You can see it briefly mentioned in What's New in WebStorm 10 video at around 4:14 mark.

The idea is: you keep Grunt tool window on a left/right side rather than bottom of the window (it shows only tasks now, so it does not have to be very wide) .. and execution is displayed in separate standard run/execute window -- it's done in line with other build tools supported by IDEA platform (e.g. Phing/Ant etc)

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Okay, sounds good, I can get used to this.  Thanks for the quick reply.


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