Strange behaviour or am I just plain stupid?


Have have ran into something really strange.

In one of my modules in a multi module project it is not longer possible to create a class from the pop-up menu. The only alternatives I'm getting is

new -->

Enumeration Class

No matter what settings I change or reset it just wont let me create new classes on the src path. The thing is that I have a package in this src path and it is displayed correctly i.e. with a little blue dot inside the package icon. When adding a new package on any level it displays as a regular directory icon.

I have tried removing the module and adding a new one with the same name with the same result. However if I add a completely new module with a different name the normal menu items are there.

For some reason there is a setting that has been "corrupted" somewhere and I can't figure out howto get it corrected.

I really really need help on this.

kind regards

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Hello again!

Sorry for the double post, was a bit fast on the submit button there.

However, after a bit of testing with the source paths in IDEA i found out that if I add a new directory and set it to be a source path, the menu items in the pop-up on right click in the project view is back to normal for the new directory.

It doesn't matter if I turn it off and then back on for the default "src" directory.

The version I'm using is 6.0.4 although it first occurred in 6.0.2, it did not help upgrading.

Are there anybody here that could help me sort this problem out? ......


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Make sure the directory you've created as your new package is a valid package name.

I had this problem once and I'd prefixed the directory with a number, which of course is invalid! It doesn't flag the package directory as invalid however, it just shows the symptoms you're experiencing.

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Well it is a valid package name.

The thing is that even on the src directory it self i.e. not in any package I get the same symptoms. So it has nothing to do with the names of the directories.



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