high cpu occupation while editing large js file in webstorm

     I'm now using webstorm to develop a ionic project.There are many large js files in ionic lib directory.
     Every time i open a large js file,cpu occupation raise to 100%,meanwhile the mark bar in the right side of the editor looks like doing some indexing task,showing various colors of strips.
     I took a cpu usage file.During the analyzing peroid,i simply did the following operations.
            1.New a project with only one large js file.
            2.Start analyze.
            3.Press enter in the js file to create a new line.Then the cpu raises.
            4.Press enter again.
            5.Stop analyze.

     My web storm version is My operation system is win 7 x64.
     Thanks a lot.

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Hi there,

Please submit a ticket with as many details as possible to the Issue Tracker .


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