Extremely slow syntax analysis for JS in PhpStorm 9.0

I've updated ide to 9.0 and got big performance degradation with js-files. After small editing of file a syntax analysis is running about 12 seconds. In 8.0 it was running less then 2 sec. The same project (huge project with many php- and js-files), the same config.
What exactly happens on "syntax analysis" stage? Which settings can I disable to increase performance? I already tried to reset IDE settings, reset project settings, disable all inspections, but it doesn't influence "syntax analysis" stage. The problem is present in default build and with bundled JDK.

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Hi there,

Please submit new ticket with such file attached (you can make such attachment visible for devs only if necessary) to WebStorm's Issue Tracker (All JS/CSS/HTML tickets go there anyway as it's a home project for such functionality).

But yes (from personal observation and seeing similar tickets for actual WebStorm) -- JS analysis became slower in last 2 major releases especially in more-or-less big files.


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