Is a v6.0.5 planned?

There are currently several bugs that have been reported and fixed, but in Jira are listed with a fix version of Selena. For example, I find the "javadoc popup window covering the code completion window" bug ( unbelievably annoying[/I] and detrimental to my productivity. (It interferes with the way I use Idea on a regular basis.) I find it so annoying that I am holding off on purchasing a Idea 5 to 6 upgrade, and continuing to use Idea 5, until it is fixed in 6. If a fix 6.0.x fix is not released containing it, I will wait until 7. I hate to have to wait a year or more to upgrade, but there is just not enough value add in 6 to justify my having to deal with this, and some of the other issues that are present.Don't get me wrong, I love some of the things introduced in 6. But when a core function I used a few hundred times a day is broken... it is just not worth it. Jira lists the above mentioned bug as fixed in Selena 6667, and a look at that build shows a multitude of other bugs that have been fixed.

So is a 6.0.5 release planned?

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Nice. I am looking forward to that. I also dislike the Javadoc bug. Hinders productivity to no end. I havent looked at the list of fixes but I sure hope that is in there. I was fearing that 6.0.4 would be the last release for 6 until Selena came out and everybody was forced to upgrade to 7.


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