Suggestion: Offer Create Class Intention even if another Class is found

You know when you type in a class name, press Alt-Enter and it will ask if you want to "Create Class 'MyClass'", but when a class exists somewhere on the classpath with the same name, then Alt-Enter will only allow you to import the class. Well it would be very, very nice (or rather, much less annoying) if it offered both options so you could either import or create a new class. Right now, you have to go make the class first, then it will allow you to import it. This would reduce the following process into one single action:
1. Alt-enter, no option to create a class
2. Find the directory in the Project tab
3. Create new class in the appropriate directory
4. Go back to original class and Alt-enter again.

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'No way to invoke "Create Class..." quickfix for unknown class when short
name of class is present in classpath':

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