liveupdate javascript via google app engine

I'm trying to figure out how I have this mis-configured.   I'm serving up javascript & html via the Appengine dev server (setup via intellij).  When I debug the javascript -- I can see the browser reloading -- but its getting the old copy from the appengine web server.

If I point the browser directly at port 63342 I can see the updates as intended -- but then I run into Access-Control-All-Origin issues since my ajax calls are going back to port 8080 (where the app engine server is running).

If I manually update the resources on the appengine, and then force any sort of reload on the browser (via liveedit or reload button).. it does see the changes.

I must be missing a step somewhere....   but where?


Live Edit itself doesn't auto-upload files to remote server on changing local files, you need to care yourself about keeping remote files up-to-date. If the synchronization with remote server is set up, so that local files are uploaded each time you change them, Live Edit works with remote servers


I should clarify.  There is no remote server.  Everything is localhost.  There is the liveedit server sitting on port 63342 and the local development app engine server (via an intellij launch configuration) on port 8080.   The development appengine server that intellij launches is serving up via an exploded WAR artifact.  

Alos I just noticed this message is in the PhpStorm/WebStorm -- I did not intend that.  I meant it for the Intellij forum.  wonder if an admin moved it - or I mis-clicked...  


'Remote' in my post doesn't mean 'located on a different host'. I just mean that the files you are editing are not located in server doc root and have to be uploaded to server. You need to make sure to deploy changed files to server each time code is changed, Live Edit can't do it for you


oh..  I thought the extension that was sitting inside of chrome did some logic to grab the resources from the 63342 port.  So livedit only works if serving straight from the local file system?  



Is there a way to attach a macro or a keystroke/action to the liveedit reload action?  So I can have it update the artifact before it tells the browser to reload?


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