IDEA insists putting in Context for my web app in server.xml for Tomcat4.1

I have a simple web application with the proper
directory structure including web.xml. My web app
is off webapps folder in the Tomcat 4.1 folder. Therefore
there is no need to modify Tomcat server.xml to insert
Context info for my web app. But IDEA demands this info
to be present in Tomcat server.xml and refuses to debug
or run my app.

My web app runs perfectly fine outside of IDEA but I need
to debug at the JSP source code level.

Also if there is no way to around modifying server.xml,
can some give a sample of Context element and where to
put it in server.xml in the latest version of Tomcat (4.1.24) ? I have put a Context element
for my web app but it crashes the Tomcat.
Please help.

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Tomcat plugun works only with Tomcat 4.0.x versions.
Please see Tomcat documentation on how to add a context to the server.xml.


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