IDEA 6: Can't log in to Subversion repository after change of password


I hope somebody can help us out with this... It is really strange.
I while ago we upgraded to IntelliJ 6. We hade used the subversion integration in IntelliJ 5 before for almost a year without any problems, but after the upgrade to IntelliJ 6 the problems started...
Everytime a user changes his password, IntelliJ 6 can no longer log into the repository. This happens for all users that change their password. (And no, they don't type in the wrong password). Idea pops the credentials dialog, user enters the correct credentials but idea never logs in.

The strange thing is that users have no problems with TortioseSVN or IntelliJ 5, the login works fine with the new passwords there.
We are using svn 1.3 (and didn't do a upgrade when intellij 6 asked us) with nt auth on the svn server.
Have tried everything. Reinstalled IntelliJ 6, removed subversion-settings directories, removed IntelliJ6 directories....... No luck.


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Doh! Posted into the wrong forum. Sorry, hope somebody can move it.


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