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Hi all,

My name is Stefano Danieli, and I am new on this board.

In this days, I’m testing Phpstorm 8 for general / development use for my department.

My profile in my pc (linked in a Microsoft Domain Network), has several limitations : especially for user profile directories.

I tried  to modify the properties by changing the default directory as per this article:

I decommented these lines:

·         idea.config.path

·         idea.system.path

·         idea.plugins.path

·         idea.log.path


Done that, I receive a warning for my Microsoft Server :

user 10053417 has tried to save file T:\DataHome\10053417\.WebIde\system\tmp\jna\jna7529669145594592050.dll on server. This type of file belongs to the group of files " System Files" , save is not allowed .

In which file/setup  can I modify this instruction (changing to local path) in order to avoid this warning in the future?

Thank you in advance for your kind reply.

Best Regards,

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What value did you specify for idea.system.path? Did you just uncomment it, leaving it default - ${user.home}/.WebIde/system? Java returns 'T:\DataHome\10053417' as your ${user.home}. If you like to change the folder where PHPStorm configs and caches are placed, you need to explicitly speciafy a valid path in, like:





Another solution is leaving as is and passing a different user home to PHPStorm - just add  -Duser.home=<C:/My/preferred/path> to  bin/PhpStorm.exe.vmoptions file.


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