How to copy a project


I have a project in a completed state and would like to leave it intact, but take that same project, clone it, and rename it, to continue extending the code.  It does not seem like I can easily copy/paste the folder since there are hooks to the old name that cannot be changed.  Is there a simple solution to this, or a better approach, as I've no luck with google.

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well, I think the best option here would be using version control for managing your project versions.
Anyway, if you jus like to copy your project folder and rename it, you can do this in your system file manager:
- copy the folder, change root folder name
- in .idea folder of the cloned version, change the project name in .name file to match folder name
- rename .idea/<prj_name>.iml to .idea/<new_prj_name>.iml
- in .idea/modules.xml replace old .iml name with a new one

This should normally be enough

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Thanks Elena, I think that is what I am looking for.


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