Can't get to source code

I posted this to the tracker as well. But if anyone else has run across this, and has ideas about how to work around it, I would appreciate it.



I am having a re-occuring problem that has stopped me dead for the moment. (I'm going to try clearing caches and such later).

We are doing unit testing, and have a unit testing framework with the unit tests in the same package (but different directory).

In addition, we have overlapping classpaths (I know.. It's bad, but it is historical, and not easily changed).


Project : rootDir

Source Paths:
- RootDir
- RootDir/utest

Classpath -
- RootDir
- RootDir/utest

inside utest, we have duplicate directory structures...For example:


I have never been able to get compile to sources to work right, so what I end up doing is compile to multiple output paths.

So I create a:

Default Output Path:
- RootDir/bin

And then I set the output path part of SourcePath appropriately:

RootDir -> RootDir
RootDir/utest -> RootDir/utest

This works in build 698.

In build 811, this sometimes works, and sometimes gives me the problem where I cannot seem to access the source code except by manually navigating through the commander to get to the file. When I debug, It will stop at breakpoints in .class files, not in source code. When I do a ctrl-n, it won't find the source code, but rather the class file.

I have seen this behavior (and continue to see it) in the 6xx build series when using multiple classes within a file. For example:


public class foo {

class bar {

End file

In this case, trying to ctrl-N to bar in this type of configuration will often (usually) cause it to go to the .class file, rather then the file.

Any help would be appreciated.


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