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As we move forward, we have just past the 11,000 mark on the tracker. It seems to me that many of the bugs and requests that remain open (there are 3000 bugs/features that remain open, and 247 that require more information) are never going to be fixed.

Although I understand the desire to not forget anything, Whenver I submit a feature request I get the sense that I am never going to see it again.

Unfortunately I don't have any bright ideas on how to do it differently (perhaps someone does??)

I can't seem to get a sense of priority among the set that are currently open.

Also, are there really 247 outstanding problems for which you require additional information? Or should many of those be closed? I know I have several to which I have provided additional information, but they just sit.


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If someone clean up tracker from duplicates, mark fixed bug and implemented features number of open issues will signifiactly decreased.
May be if reporters are interested in problem fixing they can remind about requests in tracker.
If issue has 0 votes not clear description and author may be change their mind JetBrains can close it.
I think actually JetBrains process only latest reports and there are no fixes with ID less 10000 for a last time.
If user have bugs which not let him sleep he can vote for it and actively post comments.


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