WebStorm and Debugging

I'm a long-time user of Eclipse and Visual Studio.  
I've started to look at the Aurelia framework and WebStorm was recommended, so I thought I would try it.

Sorry, this is likely a simple thing, but I'm not sure what's wrong.

I'm starting with a sample Aurelia Typescript project.  I opened the project in WebStorm and am able to browse the source.  There aren't any compile/build errors.
When I try to debug, Chrome launches.  In Chrome I see the JB icon that the Chrome plugin is installed.
But all I see is a "JetBrains IDE is debugging this tab" yellow header along the top of the page.  Nothing else is rendered.
It doesn't seem to have stopped at a breakpoint in the code.

When I do a view source on the chrome page, this is all I see:


    <form role="form" submit.delegate="welcome()">
      <div >
        <label for="fn">First Name</label>
        <input type="text" value.bind="firstName" id="fn" placeholder="first name">
      <div >
        <label for="ln">Password</label>
        <input type="text" value.bind="lastName" id="ln" placeholder="last name">
      <div >
        <label>Full Name</label>
        <p >${fullName}</p>
      <button type="submit" >Submit</button>

I also don't see that any Javascript or files other than the html page view was downloaded.
When I right click on the browser page I see an "inspect in WebStorm" menu item, but after selecting that I don't see anything changed in WebStorm.

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Not sure what application you are talking about. Anyway, please make sure to compile your typescript to javascript and use the correct page to start the application (not one of templates,but the main application page - index.html or whatever it's called in your application)


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