Error with type aliases [TypeScript]

I have a project that compiles without errors with the official TypeScript compiler and runs without errors, too. One of the (external) modules exports type aliases like this:

export type EventCallback = (data?: any, env?: any) => void;
export type Subscription = Array<any>;

These aliases are used from other modules (files) like this:

import BlahModule = require ('./BlahModule');

export class Yo {
    private _blah: BlahModule.Subscription;   // <------


WebStorm complains on the marked line. Apparently, it can't resolve exported type aliases. The official TypeScript compiler can. Is this a known issue, or am I doing something wrong?
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It's a bug, logged as Please vote for it to be notified on updates

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Thanks a lot! However, I can't vote for it, because apparently, 'Voting for a resolved issue is not allowed.'

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As it is resolved, there is no need to vote:)


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