Good code is red - Not a critical any more ?

I always believed that these kind of bugs - 'Good code is red' - are critical. And I had the feeling that you in JetBrains treat them like this.
So I was really surprised to find that my bug will be fixed only in 'Selena':

This upset me from some reasons:
1. This bug is stopper: If I tell programmers to ignore one 'red' code - how they will know which one to ignore.
2. This bug was introduced in later builds of 6.x - so why it won't be fixed in 6.x ?
3. We just all upgrade our licenses from 4.5/5.x to 6. I can't ask my managers to upgrade to 7.x

Please consider fixing this in 6.x.
If you are already planning to do this then I'm apologizing for this post.


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