how to work with IDEA as a webdesign tool?

Hi Everyone
I'm a WebDesigner and heard lots of recommendations about IDEA so i decided to give it a chance.
so i have a question: how do i work with IDEA as a WebDesign tool?
its deferent from the other edit programs i know (like Aptana or DreamWeaver) couse i have to create a PROJECT. first of all why??? why i cannot work on my folder tree view? why i have to configure a project? and secondly: what kind of project do i have to define to do WebDevelopment and work with HTML, CSS & JS files and to work only with those files and not with JAVA Classes and other mysterious file format i dont know or not interested to see in my project (maybe cause it has none of those, and i want my IDEA to eccpect not to see those either)

MANY Thanks to whom who will help :)


Frankly, I think you shouldn't. Idea is a Java IDE. A very good one.
Although it has some web designer features, it doesn't come close to DreamWeaver.
Unless you do a lot a javascript development, I don't think you'll benefit
from Idea.

Niels Harremoës


While we are at this theme... I'm searching a good website (-application)
framework, which should take the page layout from real HTML files (e.g.
maintained in DreamWeaver) and have the logic in Java code,
- but allows to autogenerate menus ("link" to current page should not be
displayed as a link, but somehow highlighted);
- refactoring should be easily possible (e.g. renaming an input field ID in
the html page should rename the right strings in the Java sources and visa
- image, link validation (like in IDEA's plain HTML support;
- some pages should be possible to use as templates for a couple of pages
(e.g. one page defines the whole page layout, others the content, but
always plain HTML pages);
- many more.



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