Webstorm 10.0.3 Source Maps Breakpoints Babel File Watcher

Hi There,

I dont know why but break points , are not hitted when debugging within webstorm while using bablejs transpiled with the inbuilt file watcher.
the source maps are there...
I did google this a bit but I can't find any clue... it seems it should just work.
I'm currently NOT using typeScript but I remember using typescript it did just work out of the box.
Is Not so bad because babel generates very clean code, but it would be great to debug the original file and not the transpiled one ..
I find my self editing the -compiled source by mistake ... many times...  :p

Any tip would be greatly appreciated

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Are you debugging a node.js or web application? In the latter case, what Chrome browser do you use?Debugging with sourcemaps doesn't work with Chrome 43.*. https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-16645 is fixed, fix will be included in next WebStorm update

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That seems to be the problem then , yes its's Chrome 43



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