Test framework quit unexpectedly


I am new to PhpStorm and former I have been using eclipse.
Everything is great on storm. coool...


PHPUNIT testing does not really work.
had 2 tests which are running, finishing and had no fail, but:
Test framework quit unexpectedly and it does not get me any output to the results window (bottom/right)
But tests where running in console. What could this be?


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Hi there,

PHPUNIT testing does not really work.
But tests where running in console. What could this be?

Most likely -- misconfiguration on your side.

Please show the screenshot of your PHPUnit configuration. I think you have pointed it to a wrong file.

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Good Morning...

got this settings

and using the console I could use it
usr@usr-dev-srv:~$ ls -la /usr/bin/phpunit
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1798 Okt 30  2014 /usr/bin/phpunit

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As suspected -- you have misconfigured it.

I have no clue at all why did you put "/usr/bin/phpunit" if you need to provide your "autoload.php" there (since you have choosed "Use custom autoloader" option).

Try checking documentation first next time:

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Sorry, switched that option by mistake and did not see it.. Just toggled back and it works fine...

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I have similar issue with ruby.

I installed everything from gem in command line

what i wrong?

cucumber/cucumber-ruby - Gitter

I started my "journey" with rubymine(automation) test,but I have a problem.. windows 10;) I am using rubymine

I have a problem with tests common with cucumber

I got an error

"Test framework quick unexpectedly "

project here this  https://github.com/cheezy/JetBrainsWebinar

when i write in the console "rspec" I got:

No examples found.

Finished in 0 seconds (files took 0.05515 seconds to load)
0 examples, 0 failures


and in RubyMine the same "Test framework"


I have the problem on my own created but also from git e.g


i installed evetyrhing using cmd console

(should I install in proper folder)?


from command line i tried to run using "rspec" command but I got:

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Hi Justine,

You will have much better feedback if you post this as separate thread in actual RubyMine forum -- https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/200366799-RubyMine

But so far it looks like test runner cannot find/load some required files.

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I installed linux on vm box and rubymine here,and...the same problem;( i created topic but nobody answer



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