local vcs

hi I would really like it if the number of days kept in the local vcs was counted in days the project was opened and worked on vs just simply calandar days.

In other words if I have the number of days set to 3, and I open the project once on Monday and then once on Thursday of the same week... On Thursday I wll no longer have Mondays history because it's been 4 days.

The Local VCS has more than once saved me from myself when I try to change to many things at one time. With this suggestion it could do even more ass-saving!



How about filling feature request??? Very interesting feature, but why you don't use CVS or somthing like this???


did it... had to look for it... plus i did not know that us little folk could submit these kinds of requests.

But to answer your question...

... I do use source control. Local VCS is for periods in between check-ins. You could argue that code should never stay checked out so long but sadly that's not always possible... especially when something work has to be put on hold for afew days while an emergency in an other project is being delt with!.



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