Getting started: phpStorm debugging of local Drupal site

Hi, all.  I've been using a competing IDE for awhile but was really excited about the rich features offered by phpStorm, so I'm working on switching over.

High-level: I have a locally hosted Drupal site running under Acquia Dev Desktop on Windows 8 (ugh).  I want to be able to debug my localhost site so I can then push to our production server.  I'm using xdebug and I've edited the php.ini and I think I have most of the phpStorm settings done, but clearly not all of them.

What I've done:  I've gone through the online docs, searched the discussion group, and gotten some basic debugging to work (!).  I can get it to move into debug mode (that is, I tell it to listen for debug connections and I pass "?XDEBUG_SESSION_START=1" with the url), it shows me server variables, lets me step into functions.

What's missing:

  • It's not highlighting the line that's about to execute
  • When stepping into a function that's in another file, it's not opening that file for me

I'm sure it must be a checkbox somewhere, but I cannot seem to find it.  Can anyone point me in the right direction? I feel like I'm so close to getting it working.

Thank you,

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OK, just following-up to my own post.  Lots of little things to configure, that's for sure, and they certainly have a lot of great info on their site, so it's just a matter of weeding and wading through it all.

Things that stick out for me are including the Xdebug Helper extension for Chrome (awesome). I cannot remember every little thing I touched in the tool to get it configured. If I have to setup another dev environment I'll keep better notes so I can share them back here.



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