"Upgrading" to 6.0, just don't do it.

I just upgraded to 6.0 as I've just started working with JSF. But what a huge downer! Performance is absolutely TERRIBLE! At the same time as I upgraded I also got a brand new Intel Core Duo, so I moved from a single laptop 1.4 GHz computer to this, and still, performance is awful!

I realize that there's not much you guys can do to fix this without a proper bug report, but I just need to vent. I've already started testing other IDEs because this is just unbearable. Just in case it matters, I run Linux (32 bit).

All in all the 6.0 release feels like a very bad release. I simply feel cheated, the number of features do not at all warrant the full upgrade price, and the general quality of the product seems to have taken a complete nosedive. Sorry guys, but based on what you've delivered so far I expect a lot more from you!

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Hi Aggie, What build of 6 are you using? Do you have JSPs, JS? Is your project on a remotely mounted filesystem?

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I'm using the 6.0.2 release. The project has just started, we're using JSF and Facelets, but the total number of JSF pages is currently at 6, as we're mostly working on the backend code. Which by the way is not very large as the project is quite new. It consists of 3 modules with less than 100 files each. The fact that the performance is so bad when we have such a tiny project is kinda scary. And no, I don't work on a remotely mounted filesystem.

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I wanted to first check if you had some of the most common 6.0 issues that have been slowing IDEA for many users. You might want to try the 6.0.3 beta build #6137 as it may have some performance improvements that affect you.

6.0.x remains generally sluggish for me and others. If you can pinpoint some of the problems & create an issue, that would be great....capture cpu snapshots of specific slow behavior and attach those to the issues. I've submitted such a performance issue:
Unfortunately my issue has gotten no visible attention after a month despite multiple recent claims by JetBrains stating they are taking these performance issues seriously. Hopefully you'll have more luck. The various types of multi-second delays are making IDEA a regular interrupter of work flow. I do hope we can get a spotlight on these various workflow slowdown issues and get IDEA performing acceptably. If not, 6.0.x will remain a frustrating experience due to hamstringing performance problems for a silent minority of unknown size-- not a good thing for JetBrains.


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