UI Designer various useability problems

I decided to try UI Designer again for a new project, and immediately ran into some annoying issues in the first hour.

I created a new form. This was a basic form containing some entry fields.
The definition and layout of the components went very smoothly; I liked
it better than JForm Designer because you have better default values; I found
I had to change fewer settings to get the result I wanted.

But then I started running into some troubles.

Issue #1
I wanted to create another form which is similar to the first form, so I thought
I could copy & paste the first form into another form or create a new form based
on the old form, but I couldn't find any way to do this.

I tried selecting all the components in Form1 and then Copy CTRL+C, and then switch
to the new Form and select the top Form or top JPanel component and press Paste CTRL+V
but nothing happened. The Status window says "Select paste destination.
Click or press Enter To paste, press Esc to cancel" I tried to click or press Enter but
it didn't do anything.

Issue #2
ALT+F1 is not working while the cursor/selection is in the UI form. It isn't propagating the
keystroke. I have to hit ESCAPE first and then ALT+F1 will work.

Issue #3
When editing button text, I can't do CTRLBACKSPACE and CTRLDELETE. I would like these to work
the same as when editing text in the main Editor window. Basically, all textfields/textpanes
in IDEA should support the user's keybindings for basic text editing commands.

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Re: Issue #1 copy & paste

I got it to work if I copied the Form->JPanel component and pasted it onto the Form component in the new form.

However, if I try to copy the toplevel Form itself or if I try to select and copy multiple items, then the paste doesn't work. I notice that the Copy action is disabled in the toolbar and context menu if I select the toplevel Form. If I press CTRL+C, shouldn't it give an error then? If I select multiple components, Copy action is enabled.

Also, if I copy Form->JPanel, and then paste it into the new Form->JPanel, I get
Form->JPanel->JPanel plus some extra HSpace and VSpacers are added. There is no easy way to remove the extra JPanel! I can manually move each child of the Form->JPanel->JPanel to Form->JPanel but then some of the layout gets messed up. UI Designer doesn't let me select all the children and move them all at once.
This created quite a mess. Is there some other way to duplicate an existing Form?

Overall, the copy&paste needs to made more robust. It should support copying multiple components at once. If a copy is not possible, an error message should be displayed if I press CTRL+C. If a paste is not possible or fails for some reason, then an error message should be displayed.

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Another area IDEA UI Designer is lacking is there is no model editor for JTable and JTree. This makes it hard to create mockups using those controls. JFormDesigner has pretty nice editors for such. (See attached for example of JTree editor).


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