phpstorm auto opening directory on focus (ubuntu/phpstorm7.1)

Hey there,

I am running Ubuntu 14 and PHPStorm 7.1, working on a Symfony2 (PHP framework) project, and somtimes I'll make a change in my code, refresh the browser and hit an error, and then alt tab back to PHP storm. When I alt+tab back into phpstorm, it auto expands my projects cache folder and focuses on a folder in there (could be related to the page im viewing in the browser?). I am guessing maybe I accidently enabled something but I am not sure what. Any ideas on how to disable this?

Screenshot here:

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Hi there,

Interesting behavior...

Try disabling all 3rd party (not bundled by default) plugins and see if it will behave any different.

If that will help -- try re-enabling plugins one by one until you find one that does it.

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I confirmed its opening the folder for the cached symfony profiler page for the error message im seeing. Disabling the plugins didn't seem to stop it, but I noticed when I have the dropdown in the upper left hand set to 'Project' instead of 'Project Files' it doesnt happen. That solves it for me.


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