Ant 1.5.2 compatibility

Hi wise people :)

During my recent experience with Ant 1.5.1 has a serious class loading issue that fires only under
very specific circumstances. The question is how IDEA 3.0.2 is compatible with latest 1.5.2 version of Ant.

Basically I replaced jars in the IDEA's lib folder with ant.jar and optional.jar that come from 1.5.2 distribution.

Question to IDEA team or somebody who already faced this problem: will it work ?

Thanks in advance,

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I never had any problem so far using Ant 1.5.2 with a custom JDK (1.4.1_02) under IDEA.

At least with the basic tasks I'm using (I barely use optional tasks in my software projects).

But I would like to stress on one particular point while I'm here:

So far, IDEA lets the users manually change the libraries versions simply by replacing the corresponding JAR file in the lib/ directory. This is obviously not the cleanest way of upgrading (or fitting the developers' needs, sometimes downgrading), rather, I would prefer to have a "use custom Ant" option, like IDEA's "use custom JDK" option that we find in the Ant integration.

This would not work for internally used libraries, such as JDOM, but it would be good to have that type of options for all the other integrated tools (JUnit...).

This is due to the fact that most developers don't want to depend to much on the IDE they use. For example, I'm very happy to use Ant integrated in IDEA, for all the benefits it provides. But if for whatever reason I can't use IDEA anymore to develop my project, I still have ready-made SH/DOS scripts that will allow me to run my project from within a shell box.

This is the same for JUnit..etc...

As a result, the only requirement my software project has is that the developement machine must have a valid JVM/JDK installed:
my zipped dev package already contains junit.jar, ant.jar ...etc

This ensures that my software project is "stand-alone".

This is a very important aspect of all my JAVA projects, because it allows any contributor to use it's favorite IDE, such as NetBeans, JEdit, CodeGuide... (As for me: IDEA of course ;) !!

So, could future IDEA releases include this kind of flexibility in a nicely integrated manner, rather than having to copy/paste JAR files in the lib/ directory ?

Thanks for your views.

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we have some projects that have to be build with a specific ant ( because of compatibility reasons ). And that feature would be greate.



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