Best approach for installing an "scp" and "ssh" Ant task within IDEA?

Hey guys.. I'm trying to set up some deployment targets in my Ant build files that use scp to copy files over to the server. As of the 1.6 version of Ant (still in pre-release) there have been some nice scp and ssh tasks added to Ant.

I have tried replacing the ant jar files that come with idea with the new 1.6 beta versions, but that immediately gives my build script all sorts of red syntax errors. I guess I just don't understand what I'm doing when trying to swap versions of Ant. Is this even possible?

If not, then how are you guys getting a working scp task while in IDEA. Surely I'm not the only person that needs to get this working. Suggestions? I have seen other standalone optional ssh tasks, but since they have been integrated (with fileset support) into Ant 1.6, I'm hoping to find a way to get the new ant working in IDEA.

Any thoughts? Are there better scp tasks from somewhere else that I should try? I couldn't get the ones from Antelope working either. Has anyone else got a solution or suggestion?

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Usually, I limit my Ant build scripts to only produce some zipped archives, or to generate directory trees, or JavaWebStart framework for my application (JarSign...)
I'm happy to hear that Ant will include SSH/SCP, although I'm wondering if I will use these features..

Indeed, CVS allows me to synchronize my source tree, Ant allows me to compile various packages (source, binary, JavaWebStart, InstallAnywhere...), but the last stage (that is to say: copying the Ant output somewhere, either local or remote), I do it manually.

I assume SSH password would either be plain text in the build script, or if using an authentification agent that delivers keys (Pageant for example), you would have to remember keeping the keys safe on one system on the network...
That would bother me.

I'm running IDEA under Windows XP, so I'm using WinSCP (for SSH/SCP file transfer), and TortoiseCVS/WinCVS to synchronize my source tree (Sorry IDEA guys, I never got to use IDEA's integrated CVS, and it seems very unsafe on the EAP build...later maybe)



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