IDEA 6 and JBoss Seam

It is to my understanding IDEA 6 is supposed to work very well with JBoss Seam. I was wondering if anybody could give some pointers on how they have their projects structured to:

1) run Seam style unit tests with TestNG through IDEA plugin
2) run Seam style integration tests with TestNG through IDEA plugin
3) stop IDEA from complaining about no application.xml and generating a bogus one

Thanks for any help on this.

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I've been using the TestNG plugin happily - obviously you need to make sure all the relevant libs are on the classpath.

I had to mess about with my persistence.xml so that I don't need to package up my persistence unit.

In my test sources I have a test-only META-INF directory actually in the source path with the following ammendment to persistence.xml:

Add in a <jar-file> element with the ejb module path relative to your run configuration path e.g. /build/ejbmodule/production/ - that way hibernate knows where to look for your actual persistence classes.

No application.xml? I'm confused - I thought you needed an application.xml!

Hope this is of some help,



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