New CVS Integration

Known limitations:
In this (809) build new integration supports only pserver connection.
Branches and sticky tags are not supported.

To work with existing project you need to select cvs as current version
control and all needed settings will be loaded from cvs service directories.
So cvsroot is needed only to checkout or import project.
To checkout project from cvs select tools->Checkout Project. Using checkout
dialog you can browse CVS repository and checkout selected module (or

To commit your chanages use Ctrl+K (or "Checkin Project..." from popup

From the popup menu you can add file to cvs, commit changes for selected
files, view history for file, view differences with repository version,
update selected directory.

If connection is refused with wrong password message try to delete your
.cvspass file from your home directory.

Best regards,
Olesya Smirnova
JetBrains, Inc / IntelliJ Software
"Develop with pleasure!"

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