Chrome Canary and Chrome Dev launching with icon on page launches wrong version

Windows 7 x64
Chrome Dev Version 44.0.2403.9 dev-m (64-bit)
Chrome Canary Version 45.0.2412.0 canary (64-bit)
Phpstorm version 141.1224

To reproduce
1)  Create a simple html page in Phpstorm
2) Open chrome dev (using this as my default broswer for normal web browsing like looking up coding examples)
3) With your html page open in Phpstorm choose View>Open in Browser>then choose canary or just click on the canary icon in the upper right corner of your page

Results:  The page opens in chrome dev not in canary.

If I close chrome dev then when I choose to open in canary it works.  The problem is when both versions of chrome are open it seems to not respect that you want to view a page in canary and not the default version of chrome.

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this is by design - we detect the running Chrome instance by JetBrains  Chrome Extension connection and, if found, reuse it instead of starting a  new one. See for more information

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