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I'm evaluating IntelliJ, which has so far been a pleasant experience. A question though. I've created a Java EE module with both an EJB and Web module, which I imported into a CVS repository. I then proceeded to add Xdoclet support by including the required libraries and generating Ant build files (Build -> Generate Ant Build).

But now I just can't get IDEA to include those libraries and scripts in my CVS repository. The manual instructs you to choose CVS -> Add from the context menu, but that isn't available for the libraries, and my ant script file doesn't show up in the Project view at all.

Strangely, IDEA did somehow import the Struts libraries into CVS, which were automatically included during project creation, and are stored in the same path as the Xdoclet libs.

What am I doing wrong?

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PS: running IntelliJ 6.0.2 on Mac OSX

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You need to make sure your library and script files are mapped to a content root in one of your modules, otherwise the option won't be there to manage them via CVS.

Right-click on one of your modules (preferably the one with the libraries), choose "Module Settings" and then add the library/script folder under the sources tab. You should then get the option to use CVS for those files.

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Thank you. I think that this answered my question. I changed the content root of my EJB module to the project root instead of the EJB module root, so the files are now indeed accesible. This looks a bit clumsy though as the Xdoclet libs and the ant script are not just part of the EJB module, but of the project as a whole. Is this normal practice, or am I still overlooking something?

Is there any documentation where topics like these are described? I've gone through the "Help topics" and "Online documentation" available from the IDE, but that wasn't really helpful I'm afraid...

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