Make WebStorm 10 inspector to recognize Angular Material Design tags/attributes?

How do I teach WebStorm 10 inspector to recognize Angular Material Design tags/attributes?

angular-material.css includes declarations like:

[layout] {...}
[layout=column] {...}
[layout=row] {...}

How can I teach WS to automatically recognize these attributes as valid? Webstorm doesn't seem to recognize these in the same way it recognize more common css attributes, and thusly does not auto complete.

(Note: This issue applies to Angular Material css files, and not the AngularJS itself )

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Selectors like

layout=column] {...}

are correctly recognized by WebStorm. Please can you provide exact code snippets you have trouble with?

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Here's a link to the github repo with a stock bower install of angular-material

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 4.34.04 PM.png

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I see:) You can add such attributes to custom HTML attributes:


they will be recognized and suggested in completion

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Actually it is not best solution, there should be somewhere the ideal one.

Somehow I have taught the WS10 to understand those attributes in my PC, but now I am working on Mac and I have this annoying issue...


I tried to make it happen using the library downloading and choosing those typescript material libraries. But it does not work for me. There have to be some solution... because as I am telling you on my PC it even autocomplete me when I am typing `layout-`.


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