Live Edit Getting changes in index.html but javascript not called.

I have the following files:


<!DOCTYPE html>
<head lang="en">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css">
    <div class="winner-box">
        <div class="winner-text">And the winner is...
            <span class="winner-name">???</span>
<script src="winner.js"></script>


winner-box {
    height: 100vh;
: #de4b4f;
: flex;
: center;
: center;
: 30px;

.winner-text {
    color: rgba(255,255,255,0.6);
: 'Fira Sans', sans-serif;
: 400;
: antialiased;
: 1px;

.winner-name {
    font-width: 800;
: white;
: inline-block;
: 5px solid white;
: 0.3em 0.8em;
: 5px;
: 2em;
: 3px;


var DevTippers = [
    'Adam Rasheed',
    'Alexander Barakhov',
    'Ayoub Moutil',
    'Bharat Modi',
    'Bryan Knight',
    'Chris D',
    'Daniyaal Khan',
    'David Vazquez',
    'David Farrell',
    'Flores Kire',
    'Goran Petricevic',
    'Guillaume Bauer',
    'Hamza Shezad'
// generate a random number

function winner
(min, max) {
    return Math.floor(Math.random()*(max-min)+min);

//console.log(winner(10, 0));

// apply random number

.querySelector('.winner-name').innerHTML = DevTippers[winner(0, DevTippers.length)];

I have installed and enabled LiveEdit.

When it first runs debug, it works fine, but as I make changes in the index.html the '???' is not getting replaced by the line in the winner.js file.  What have I missed with the configuration of liveedit?

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Live Edit doesn't force execution of javascript code that is run on page load. So you need to manually reload the page to see the new code execution result

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Thank you,  I thought I might have missed some setting.


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